Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Little Black Dress

I believe every girl needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. It's a essential piece of clothing that every women should own. Black dresses come in every style and different lengths to suit you and your style. A black dress is a type of clothing that could be worn in many different ways. A little black dress could be worn classy and elegantly for a dinner date or it could be worn casually.

Adding different accessories to a black dress could really make a difference. If your going for a casual look you could wear a pair of tights or a chunky cardigan and layer a scarf around your neck and a pair of boots or flats. If you are going for the professional look you could wear a blazer on top of your black dress.  For a evening look add a elegant clutch bag with a chunky ring or you could add a statement necklace to make your outfit stand out.

I love black dresses they are so elegant and classy and are reversible which means they could be worn with so many things. So i decided to show you guys how i would style a black dress and hopefully you guys would get inspired and have an idea of my style. So sit back and enjoy...

Dress: (www.nelly.com) £40
Clutch: (Topshop) £35
Bracelets: (Debenhams) £9.50
Shoes: (Newlook) £15

So how would you style your black dress?
Please comment and tell me how you would style your little black dress. I would love to hear...

Friday, 15 February 2013

A Friend's Outfit

This post is inspired by my friends sense of style, she does not have a blog but she so should! She has a amazing, effortless sense of style. Her outfits could be worn to so many places, the outfits that she wears are always so convenient and comfortable. Her outfits pretty much carry the whole package! What else would you want? In one word  i would describe her style as to be casual...well pretty much a lead back style. 

The outfit that i am going to show you guys could be worn to many places; going out with your girls, shopping, college, to the cinemas or even going out for a quick bite! Her outfits don't only look good but they always seem to inspire me too make my own outfits that suit my style. So i thought to my self...Hey! why not make a new blog post and tell you guys about her style and maybe you could get inspired? So, i put together an outfit that is similar to her style. Hope you guys enjoy....

 Top: (www.udobuy.com) £18
Jeans: (River Island) £45
Studded Flats: (www.krisp.co.uk) £23
Satchal Bag: (Asos) £22

Saturday, 9 February 2013

All In Nude

I admit! I've been MIA for a little while...But hey! I'm back with a new outfits for you guys!

I'm a huge lover of maxi skirts. This outfit is a reversible outfit. It could be worn as a casual outfit by paring it up with some flats or a evening outfit by paring it up with some heels and a clutch. I based this outfit on a evening look.

White shirt: (www.chiarafashion.co.uk)- £13
Skirt: Newlook- £17
Twist Lock Bag: (www.oasis-stores.com)- £30
Nude shoes: (www.shoerate.com)- $695

The shoes are way over priced. You could find some similar ones in the UK from River Island and Miss selfridge.