Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Little Black Dress

I believe every girl needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. It's a essential piece of clothing that every women should own. Black dresses come in every style and different lengths to suit you and your style. A black dress is a type of clothing that could be worn in many different ways. A little black dress could be worn classy and elegantly for a dinner date or it could be worn casually.

Adding different accessories to a black dress could really make a difference. If your going for a casual look you could wear a pair of tights or a chunky cardigan and layer a scarf around your neck and a pair of boots or flats. If you are going for the professional look you could wear a blazer on top of your black dress.  For a evening look add a elegant clutch bag with a chunky ring or you could add a statement necklace to make your outfit stand out.

I love black dresses they are so elegant and classy and are reversible which means they could be worn with so many things. So i decided to show you guys how i would style a black dress and hopefully you guys would get inspired and have an idea of my style. So sit back and enjoy...

Dress: (www.nelly.com) £40
Clutch: (Topshop) £35
Bracelets: (Debenhams) £9.50
Shoes: (Newlook) £15

So how would you style your black dress?
Please comment and tell me how you would style your little black dress. I would love to hear...


  1. Little black dresses are such a classic, and I love the one in the picture you posted- it is so cute! Black dresses suit any type of shoe too which is so versatile :)

    1. Absaloutly, that's why I thought I had to do a post on them. Awh I'm glad you loved it! I couldn't agree with you more :)